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About James King-Holmes (james@scitechimage.com)

Although starting my career in science, a degree-level qualification in photography, passed with a Distinction, and wide experience covering many aspects in the profession led to my being approached to produce photographs of some advanced scientific research, which I found visually exciting and technically challenging, and which led to covering assignments and stock photography in this specialisation.

Projects, which have produced images used in television broadcasts and many publications throughout the world, have involved many aspects of science & technology from the research underlying the current understanding of Life sciences and DNA to modern prototyping technologies

Many healthcare projects such as bowel cancer screening and the University training of midwives also feature largely in collections of strong and informed images which illustrate important areas of interest not normally available as Model-Released Rights-Managed images aimed at the editorial and publishing media. Here you will also find editorial portraits of scientists, from Nobel prize winners to those who have taken the TV and broadcasting route to further the public understanding of science.

I am an award-winning photographer, and member of the National Union of Journalists and the Assocation of British Science Writers

About This Site

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Representative images from my archive are grouped into Galleries, each covering a different topic, and I hope you will find what you are looking for there, but please note that not all images are shown, and you may need to use either the general Search page or, from a displayed picture, use the check boxes to find similar images. Also, I welcome enquiries for images which do not appear on the site, but which may be in processing, so not yet uploaded.

By rolling the mouse over any image in a gallery, a medium-sized popup gives the file-name, the description of the image and the size of the uncompressed file. A double-click will bring up a large image so you can check detail, but both medium and larger images are heavily watermarked to deter image theft by download or screen grabs. When this ceases to be a problem, we can go back to trusting visitors to the site and use more discreet watermarking. High-res licensed images are, of course, un-watermarked.

Small watermarked files are available free of charge for comp/layout purposes. Contact me with your requirements.

A pricing facility is included for your convenience. Please note that this is for client guidance only. We reserve the right to amend the invoiced reproduction fee subject to final agreement on use.




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Some clients find the concept of copyright and licensing quite confusing so to clarify the situation for those who do not deal with the subject on a regular basis, you may care to click here for a plain-language guide.

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